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Tiered Cast Iron Fountain


category: Fountains & Birdbaths

Our tiered cast iron fountains make a great focal point in the garden. Whether it’s a large, open area or a smaller, more intimate space, they lend a touch of class to any setting.

2-tier fountain — must have a pond
Component Dimensions (cm, D × H) Price
2-tier cast iron fountain 65 × 145 cm $1,999.95 $1,299.95
3′6″ rotary-moulded pond 110 × 23 cm $299.95
2,300 L/hr low-voltage pump $169.95
3-tier fountain — standalone
Component Dimensions (cm, D × H) Price
3-tier cast iron fountain 120 × 205 cm $3,499.95 $2,499.95
2,300 L/hr low-voltage pump $169.95
3-tier fountain — in pond
Component Dimensions (cm, D × H) Price
3-tier cast iron fountain 120 × 205 cm $3,499.95 $2,499.95
5′ rotary-moulded pond 150 × 28 cm $599.95
4,000 L/hr low-voltage pump $239.95

The 3-tier cast iron fountain can be used standalone or mounted in a pond. When standalone, the largest bowl becomes the water reservoir—our 2,300 L/hr pump will ensure a good flow of water to the fountain head. If mounted in a pond, the pond itself becomes the water reservoir, and the extra height requires our larger 4,000 L/hr pump.

The 2-tier cast iron fountain requires a pond to act as the water reservoir. If you don’t already have a suitable pond, we offer the ponds listed above. We recommend our 2,300 L/hr pump for the 2-tier.

Pump Safety

We only sell high-quality, low-voltage pumps certified to Australian standards.

All our pumps are low-voltage, either 12 V or 24 V. We’d say that water features and electricity don’t mix, but the reality is that they mix all too well—and when they do, you really want that electricity to be low-voltage. 240 V pumps run off mains power and are directly connected to the grid. They’re cheaper, but they’re a death trap. If your electrician or landscaper insists on a 240 V (mains power) pump in the garden, we recommend you find a new electrician or landscaper.

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